Sand Zoomies

01/17/2010 18:29
It was a warm, sunshiney day so we headed out to Cadron Settlement Park. We had a blast! There is a section where there are these HUGE piles of sand and when Sox got down there, the sand activated her "zoomies"! She tucked that little butt under so she could get better traction and started ripping and tearing through that sand, throwing it everywhere - LOL! She would try to run up the sand dunes but could only make it about 6 feet up before she would turn and leap back down. The look on her face was as if she was saying, "I meant to do that!" - LOL!
She also runs straight up those steep hills - it takes her like 3 leaps and she's up. Those hills are the reason we like taking her out there - great way to build her muscles and tire her out.
After we left, we went to visit our son. He invited us to stay for dinner and we accepted graciously (grins). I made a little pile of chicken for Sox on a paper towel and put it on the floor by me. I turned back to continue my conversation with my family and a few seconds later I glanced down to see how Sox was doing with her snack. She was sitting there looking at me - chicken untouched. I was amazed :)
So I praised her for being such a good girl and told her she could "take it". She enjoyed her snack (she likes Andre's cooking too - lol).
But now we have a completely happy and tuckered out dog, all snuggled up in her bed, snoring away.
What a great day :)