Come On In and Set A Spell 


G'day! My name is Mary Rosser Nellum. I'm a native of Arkansas and a farm girl. You know you can take the girl out of the farm but you can never take the love of the farm out of the girl ;)  I had always dreamed of working with animals in some capacity but life took me on a different route for a while. Then in 2010, I took a chance, stepped out in faith, and started chasing my dream. 



In the picture below is Sox, my rescued American Staffordshire Pitbull Terrier and Spice, my rescued Chihuahua. Can you tell "rescued" is my favorite breed? (winks). They keep me active and on the go in my "middle age". 



Sox was the catalyst that pushed me into pursuing my lifelong dream of working with animals. She came to us on September 3rd, 2009. The time has flown by! 



Then in April of 2010 I decided to take in my little BFF Spice. When I went to her foster Momma's house to pick her up, she sat in my lap and when I said, "It's time to go." she walked with me out the door and to my car with no collar and no leash, then jumped right in. It was like she had been waiting for me. 




They are my "go with" girls and have taught me SO much! 



I employ a variety of training and behavioral techniques. I'm always learning, and I believe you can't have too many tools when you're working with animals. What works with most may not work with the next one you come into contact with. I've learned so much (and continue to learn) from a variety of trainers and behaviorists. But the best teachers by far have been the animals I've been blessed to work with. 




You are more than welcome to meet us at any time. I make it a point to take the girls to any store that will let dogs in, both for training purposes and ongoing socialization. We go for daily walks and also go to many of the city parks. If you're local, you'll probably see us when we're out. If you do, please feel free to stop me and say hello! We love to meet new friends :)