Our Daily Walk

03/01/2010 12:42
We went off leash the whole way, even by the "dog gauntlet" - lol. I noticed
that when we walked by those yards, she didn't miss a beat, even though they
were running and barking. She stayed right by my side and her ears were back
- not up! Good girl!
I also noticed that she is VERY in tune with me now - sometimes all I have
to do is glance down at her and she catches it somehow (must be a body
movement I'm not seeing - lol).
Y'all remember that cool video of the man riding his bike with his 16 dogs
following? Remember how he used a stick to guide them to the left or the
right, as needed? That inspired me and so I'm teaching Sox a verbal command
(left side, right side) so that I can move her from side to side as needed when we're out
walking in the city.
Just remembered - I have that video in my favorite's - here's the link ☺