On Leash

04/16/2010 09:00

 We just got back from our morning walk. It's SO beautiful outside and Sox now walks with me in such a wonderful way. We're getting to that point that Cesar talks about - when you're walking with a dog it should feel like you're not walking with a dog :)

We went a little longer today because it wasn't as hot and went along a new area (to Sox, that is). The only time she reacted was when we were walking along Salem Road and 4 strange dogs charged their fence. I asked her to sit and calm down on the sidewalk by the yard and she settled down very quickly. The dogs were still barking, but not as much, and we walked on.
We stopped by the walking trail so we could get a drink of water, and I rubbed water on her paws, under her chin and along her belly. Then I found a nice cool shady spot under a tree and had her lay down there for a few minutes.
I wore a black tank top today. I thought that might help me better gage how hot Sox gets. I also tried to pick more tree lined streets to walk on.
Something that I've got to practice on is getting used to using a leash again. The therapy dog program requires that your dog be under physical
control at all times. I have to laugh, because I've spent the last 7 months getting Sox to be reliable both on and off leash (mostly off). I will take a
leash with me whenever we're out, but I hardly ever put her on leash anymore   Now I HAVE to be more conscious about it, especially between now and June (when the evaluation is). If you drop the leash, or unleash your dog before putting on the long line, you're automatically disqualified.