My therapy dog

04/27/2010 13:13

 We had a busy but really nice day today.

We went to Petsmart as usual and practiced us walking up to and by the other
dogs without Sox "breaking" across me (she cannot cross the middle line of
my body trying to get to or sniff the other dog). There were a LOT of dogs
there today - great for practice :)
We also had a family bbq this evening. I took Sox with me. There were a
bunch of little kids out playing ball in the field in front of the house.
Sox and I went out to play with them. We introduced ourselves and asked if
Sox could play and they were tickled that she wanted to play with them. So
they would throw the ball for her and when she got it she would dogtrot just
fast enough that they couldn't catch her - LOLOL! But she had her head
turned all the time, watching them and egging them on. It was hilarious! She
would eventually let them have the ball and they would do it all over again.
There were 7 kids - all boys - and they had a blast! I went and sat down
with the family to chat (while keeping an eye on the "kids", of course). She
was wonderful with the children. Sometimes I think she might be happier with
a family.
There was one little boy that really seemed to connect with Sox and me. I'm
thinking that I might go back over there to let Sox visit him. It seemed
like he needed her companionship, and he talked with me quite a bit. That
little boy is exactly the reason I want to do therapy dog work with Sox. It
was humbling to see her work.