Jacks in the park!

01/04/2011 15:28

 My friend Keely and I took 4 dogs to the park today. Sox, Spice, Allie and Barkley were along for the ride. We played in the tennis courts at first, but then I decided to test Allie and Barkley to see how well they would listen/follow me when we went out. So I tied their leashes together and off we went. Did I mention I had some really good treats with me too? (winks). They did really well at staying with me and coming when called. Barkley does have a tendency to go off in his own little world - lol - but Allie has bonded to me and follows me like Sox and Spice do. This was really helpful to me today and showed me that I will be able to take all 4 dogs out by myself when I need to. 


This is Barkley (lil ole man - he's 12)


And this is Allie - she's 10 years young :)