Budgie Bites

10/14/2010 20:27

 Sox, Spice and I stopped by Pet Country today to pick up some more treats. When we walked in, the parakeets got all riled up and one flew out. I tried to catch it, but wasn't having much luck. Thank goodness the dogs were not in prey mode - LOL! They were following along behind me as I tried to catch the little rascal. Finally they helped me catch it and then the little budgie decided to bite me numerous times on my hand! I've had parakeets before so I knew it was likely to bite and I knew how to hold it. One of the employees was helping me and offered a box to put it in, but I told her I was okay. I took it back to the pen and put it on the floor. I was super proud of my dogs and the fact that they helped me instead of costing me $20 for a dead bird (winks).