What Happens During A Pet Sitting Visit?

06/03/2014 14:09

It completely depends on the unique personality and emotional needs of your pet. Some want our attention right away, while others may need their dinner first or a potty break before they want to interact with us. Some may simply want the feel of the green grass under their feet and the wind whipping through their hair. 



A typical visit will include the basics of care - food, clean fresh water, cleaning up any messes they may have made, cleaning litter boxes or cages. The rest of our time there revolves around your pets. Do they enjoy a cuddle? We'll plop down on the couch or the floor and invite them into our laps (if they fit - lol!). Well, actually, we probably will even if they don't ;) 



For those who don't fit, we can always find a way to get close  ;) 



They'll get cuddled, talked to, loved on, or massaged, if that's what they want. We're often surprised by who likes massages ...... 



Some pets are more aloof than others. We will never force unwanted attention on those who are content to simply hang out with us. 



Of course, there's always that one ..... 



Or the one who likes to jibber jabber .... although we did have some very interesting conversations ...... ;) 



So whatever the type of pet it is that you have, we look forward to getting to know them as the unique individuals that they are. ♥