The Jacks visit Toad Suck Dam

02/06/2011 18:12

Sox and I took Allie & Barkley out to Toad Suck Dam tonight. We jaunted around the campground area. The dogs NEVER lifted their noses from the ground, even while running to get to the next good smelling spot - lol!



Then we headed over to the dam and the rocks by the river. Barkley and Allie were just mesmerized by the flowing water. 



Then I got another great picture of Allie on the rocks - isn't she absolutely beautiful?



We didn't stay out too long because it IS a bit cold and I didn't want to get their little feet too cold. We're all home now and snuggled in. The Jacks are crashed - LOL! 

Allie and Barkley are currently being fostered and are looking for their new forever home :)