Emergency Procedures

06/04/2014 12:16

What Constitutes A Pet or Home Emergency

  •       A pet getting out of your secured area(s), such as your house or your fenced in yard
  •       An injured or dying pet
  •        A burglary or break-in
  •        Household malfunctions, such as a burst water pipe, heating/ac going out, etc           
  •        Bad weather conditions


What We Will Do

  • Immediately call and/or text you and any others who may be listed on your Client Info Sheet.·         
  • If no immediate answer from you, we will call your emergency contact.
  • If we can’t get in touch with anyone listed, we will make the appropriate decisions needed in order to care for your pets or your home.
  • If it is a health emergency for your pet, we will immediately contact your vet, get any needed instructions from them, and take your pet to them right away. If it is after hours and we cannot get in touch with your vet, we will transport your pet to one of the local emergency vet clinics.
  • If we suspect that your home has been invaded in some way, we will NOT enter the premises,but will call 911 immediately and then wait until your home has been secured so we can make sure your pets are safe.
  • We will not enter your home if someone we don't know is on the premises. We will call you to verify that they should be in your home, and may call the authorities, depending on the circumstances.
  • In the case of inclement weather, we recommend that you make arrangements with someone (close friend, family member or neighbor - someone who can easily get to your home) to evacuate your pets if needed. Conway's Pet Nana will certainly try to get to your pets/home during these times but cannot guarantee it. Please make sure to give them our contact information and make sure that we have theirs so we can communicate in the case of extreme events. 


Local Emergency Vet Clinics


Animal Emergency Clinic
8735 Sheltie Dr
Maumelle, AR 72113


After Hours Animal Hospital
290 Smokey Lane.
North Little Rock, AR 72117


ASPCA Animal Poison Control


Fee is $65 - charged to credit card


Pet Poison Helpline 



Fee is $39